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"Nomad is a res­taur­ant serving exclus­ively local and Aus­tralian pro­duce. Our design solution stretches from brand through to interior and signage, and employs a raw and natural aesthetic that is sympathetic to the restaurant’s culinary approach. One of the features of the interior design is a commissioned art piece from CJ Hendry an emerging young artist based in Bris­bane. CJ is renowned for intric­ate photoreal­ist still life pen draw­ings. The logo is a deliberate reference to the free-spirited nature of a Nomad with letters drift­ing from their original place.”

Maud cre­ates pro­voc­at­ive design that builds brands and busi­nesses. Our approach is hon­est, driven by human insight and always starts with brand strategy. We’re multi-disciplinary team of thinkers who place func­tion before aes­thetic and work to cre­ate endur­ing design solu­tions that con­nect with people.

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Sydney Office by Ryan Putnam Twitter: @Trendgrafeed


Rabot Towers

by Pieter Lozie | Via

Rabot Towers, an abandoned public housing project in Ghent, Belgium. When the first stage of demolition removed the building’s exterior walls, the former blight became an unexpected beauty. The three-tower complex once accommodated around 840 residents. However, with the building no longer fit for occupation and an overhaul deemed too expensive, the project is now slated for demolition.

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The films of Wes Anderson

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A Practical Guide to Designing For The Web.
A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web aims to teach you techniques for designing your website using the principles of graphic design.Featuring five sections, each covering a core aspect of graphic design: Getting Started, Research, Typography, Colour, and Layout. Learn solid graphic design theory that you can simply apply to your designs, making the difference from a good design to a great one.
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H is for Holiday
The great American travel magazine of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties that’s getting a second chance with a revival this month — albeit with new headquarters stationed in Paris, France.


Food Report, Live from Coachella

Stopped by The Hudson | Clover Juice for lunch today.  Had some fried chicken sliders, jalapeño mac and cheese, and plenty of juice!

Check them out at both of their boothsour booths in the VIP Beer Gardens and Main Stage GA.